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Fans of Frozen Food

March is National Frozen Food Month and we wanted to take the time to share some of the great comments we’ve received on how we have helped you enjoy great tasting Italian food when you don’t have the time or energy to cook it yourself.  

We cook each small batch from scratch and ship our meals to your local grocery store within hours of getting an order so you know you are getting a meal that is fresh from Sara’s kitchen!

We take great pride in making the best tasting Italian food in the freezer, but nothing makes us happier than when we read comments from our fans like these:

 “I’ve been buying your meals for years. They really do taste like homemade and are delicious” – Louisa

“I love your products.  They are just the right portion & very tasty too.  No preservatives, good ingredients also.” – Ed

“I love this product, it has home quality flavor, the Eggplant Parm it the best!! Try it, you’ll like it…This statement comes from a true Italian & not because my son is Michael Angelo, because it is true. EXCELLENT QUALITY” – Audrey

“Love their products, if you haven’t tried any of them, you don’t know what you’re missing. I’ve gotten quite a few neighbors/family/friends hooked. My family is from Italy, and this is the closest I’ve found to homemade.” – Nancy

I love your meals and the aroma that fills the home as these meals are cooking smells like a fine Italian restaurant.”- Angie

Thank you for trusting us to bring you quality, preservative free Italian food! Not only do we make great standalone meals, but we pair very nicely with additional sides inside your freezer such as frozen vegetables and garlic bread!

This Frozen Food Month get creative with us and see what great meals you can easily put together for your family!

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