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The Perfect Catch

When we set out to find ingredients to use in our meals, we don’t turn to someone else to make our ingredient choices for us, we go out and find them ourselves. It doesn’t matter where in the world we have to go to find the best ingredients we will make the trip to make sure we are using only the best in the meals we make for you. Our latest lobster boat 3ingredient journey took us to Maine, but I have been all over the world on a mission to find the perfect tasting ingredients for every meal we make.

This time we were on the search for fresh lobster to try out in some new meals Mom and I came up with. This took my wife Cheryl and I out to Maine in search of the perfect lobster with the right texture and taste. It is important for us to see the entire process of how ingredients come to us.

lobster boat 13



The first stop on our trip was to go out with the lobsterman to see how they catch their lobster. Not only did we see how they pull up their traps and gain a better understanding on the lobster and their environment, I was able to get right in the action myself. After I was in proper lobster catching attire, with waiters on, I helped empty, bait, and set the traps. What an experience and a lot of work!

We then went to see how the lobster was processed and sent onto vendors. We wanted to make sure it was packaged and sent in the freshest way possible for us to use in our meals. We do the same process for all the ingredients we use so you can trust what we are putting in them is only the best we can find. lobster boat 7




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