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How To Guide: Valentine’s Day

RSVP: Dinner for Two

With every Valentine’s Day comes the question of what to do for your special someone. The first thought you may have is to go to a restaurant, but with that comes a less private setting, taking the time to make a reservation, and being ready to spend a pretty good amount of money.

Rather than have someone else host your special day, do it yourself! With the help Michael Angelo’s,  you can make a Valentine’s Day meal an experience they will never forget!

1)      Head to the store with the list below to get all the ingredients you need to make the perfect meal:

  1. Michael Angelo’s Family Size Meal
  2. Salad (this can be a bagged salad)
  3. Bread (Italian or bread of your choosing)
  4. Dessert ( Cannoli’s/ Tiramisu : You can buy these at your grocery store’s bakery)
  5. Wine (or drink of choice)
  6. Appetizer (If you would like to have something before dinner)

Note: All of the ingredients are all easy to make and inexpensive items you can find at your local grocery store

2)      Once you have planned your meal, make an invitation to give to your special someone to let them know the details. Have fun with this! Pick a fun name to call your restaurant where you will be serving your meal!

3)      The night of your meal:

  1. Make a table setting that resembles an Italian restaurant. Things you can include are: Tablecloth (red or white), candles, & wine glasses
  2. Put on classic Italian music in the background. This list can include the likes of Mina, Claudio Villa, and Renato Carosone
  3. Dinner will only take about 15-30 minutes (depending how you cook our meal) to heat up your main entrée (your Michael Angelo’s meal), put together the salad, warm the bread up in the oven and pour the wine (or drink of choice) so have some appetizers out for you two to enjoy before you serve your meal
  4. After dinner bring out your dessert to enjoy

Making dinner for your significant other will make it a Valentine’s Day that they will never forget. So don’t waste time and money on finding the perfect restaurant when you already have one in your home, your kitchen! From our kitchen to yours, let us help make it a memorable meal!

RSVP: No Big Plans

No worries if you don’t have any big plans because our meals are great for anytime!  Just grab your favorite Michael Angelo’s meal and enjoy along with your favorite wine for a nice relaxing evening! Let us take care of the cooking for you while you enjoy a night off!

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