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Exploring Flavors: Finding the Perfect Garlic

Growing up in an Italian family there was always a hint of garlic in all the dishes Mom made.  There isn’t a certain dish that I remember being my first taste of garlic because we used it to enhance all the meals that we cooked.  When I decided to start selling Mom’s meals, she and I both knew it was important to have only the best ingredients in them, especially when it comes to the garlic, as it is a staple in many of her recipes.

In the beginning we tried all types of garlic and tasted them in our dishes. Some of the flavors were washed out or were to tart and they weren’t enhancing our meals like we know they could. Once we realized that the Italian heirloom garlic was the perfect ingredient in our recipes, we knew we had to find a farm that could produce them up to our quality and standards.

We found a producer of Italian Heirloom garlic in the United States with a family owned garlic farm in Gilroy, California called Christopher Ranch.  The farm has been in the Christopher family for over 50 years and just like us, they have an unwavering commitment to quality with their products.

The seeds used to grow their garlic are from Italy and we believe that with the Italian heirloom garlic we get from Christopher Ranch, we are using the best garlic available in our meals for you. Unlike American varieties, Italian garlic is very tacky and has a slick and sticky feeling on the inside. Its juice is what ensures that each clove caramelizes to perfection and produces a consistently mild, sweet flavor each and every time.

We could easily go out and buy lower cost garlic to use, but that wouldn’t be up to our standards or what Mom would have used in her kitchen, so we wait patiently for the 9 months it takes for the garlic to mature so we can have the full flavor of the garlic to use. This ingredient is at the heart of our signature taste that you will find in our Eggplant Parmesan, Chicken Piccata, and Sausage Lasagna.


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  1. Carl Meier says:

    Our favorite is your Shrimp Scampi, but lately we have been unable to find it at our local stores (Kroger, Ingle’s, Wal Mart or Publix) around Griffin, GA. I guess I’ll have to talk to the managers again. Keep that good food coming.

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