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Harvesting Il Pomodoro Perfetto

We just got back from our yearly tomato harvest trip! Each year Mom, a few family members and me, all visit the tomato fields in northern California and personally inspect the crop. Years ago, Mom searched the world over until she found the perfect tomato for her recipes. Today, they’re grown especially for Michael Angelo’s. And I have to tell you, it’s an amazing feeling to look out over the fields, gazing at rows of perfect, zesty tomatoes as a far as the eye can see – a truly memorable, and gorgeously colorful experience.

Every year, we walk the fields, survey the harvest and taste the tomatoes. We go straight to the fields, not just to a production facility. We spend time getting to know our partners. And because we know them, we trust them to produce tomatoes worthy of our family recipes. I think that our relationships are also the reason that we get to choose from the most delectable tomatoes—the ones they’ve determined to be the “best of the best”.

Our partners are using the latest technology available to improve the harvesting process and maximize the yield naturally. They understand our no compromise philosophy, and we understand what it takes to make their fruit the very best—a one-of-a-kind, rich tomato taste with the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.

Only fruit that is ripened to perfection goes into our family meals. We use tomatoes that are vine-ripened naturally, without any artificial means and left on the vine until their flavor peaks. Mom chooses only Grade A Roma tomatoes for our entrees, because that’s what she cooked for us in our family kitchen growing up.

Unlike other companies, we use the whole tomato and steam the skin from it naturally. The pectin produced by the tomato’s skin makes the sauce thicker, so we don’t have to use any additives to create the illusion of thickness. And because our family name is on every box, nothing is more important to us than using only natural, great-tasting, premium ingredients.

We had a great time, and we came home feeling confident that our tomatoes, as always, are the very best quality, and of course, the best tasting, too. Felice mangiare!

Michael Angelo

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    Hi there – who won the trip last year???

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