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The Balancing Act: CEO to Father

For Father’s Day we wanted to give you an inside look on what it is like for Michael Angelo, Founder and CEO of Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Foods, Inc., to be a father for his three children and simultaneously run a multi- million dollar company. His three children Michael (25), Nicco (24), and Natalia (19) have grown up right alongside the company.  Although it is definitely not an easy task, Michael has managed to be an involved, loving father while still having time left to run his own company.

One of the moments I remember clearly where I had to juggle being CEO and Dad was onetime my son Michael had his first Kindergarten classroom recital. However, at the time I was on the East coast doing business and had an appointment in California the next morning.  I had decided early on how important it was to always be there for all of the football games, recitals, shows, and events in my kids’ lives, and this recital was no exception.family 2

I flew from the East coast, landed in Austin and ran to the event to see Michael sing, then directly went back to the airport to make a flight for a sales meeting in California for the next morning. Clearly this wasn’t the easiest trip to manage, but I knew I had to be there for my son. I don’t regret a single red eye flight I have ever taken for my kids.

There is nothing better than Father’s Day. I have worked tirelessly to build this business and make constant, demanding decisions that can change the life of the business in a second. On Father’s Day when I am surrounded by all of my children that I have chosen to put above everything, I know I have made the right decision with my family. When you feel the admiration they have for all the time and care that it takes to raise such great, positive, and strong young people; there is absolutely nothing more rewarding.


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