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New Year, New You

At the beginning of each year we make a pledge to a new start for ourselves, from learning how to make more time for ourselves or our family, to making better eating choices. Resolutions are sometimes the hardest thing to stick to throughout the year, but we are here to help you achieve some of your goals!

Making More Time

Time is one thing we always seem to want more of, but it’s hard to find ways to gain time back in our day.  It’s important to make the commitment to spend more time with family friends so how can you save time to do those things? As simple as it sounds, saving time on cooking dinner can save you anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the dish you’re making! Let us help you give time back by taking over dinner! Simply pair any of our meals with your favorite side dish such as a fresh salad or mixed vegetables and you will have a well-rounded dinner that everyone will enjoy!

Paying Attention to Ingredients

Another goal that many of us make is to start eating better or at least to start to pay a

tention to what we are feeding ourselves and our familyk. This is why if you grab the box to any meals of ours

you will see that we use the same ingredients as if you were making the dish at home! Always made with only the fresh and best ingredients we can find we ensure our meals are made just as our mom Sara used to make them in her kitchen. You will also never find any preservatives or fillers in any of our meals. A special ingredient you will also find is our imported Italian cheeses such as our Parmegiano Reggiano cheese that comes from a small farm outside of Bologna Italy. It takes Michael Angelo and Sara quite some time to find the perfect ingredients to use, but it’s that important to them that if they don’t test everything out themselves, we don’t use it!

We wish you luck in the New Year with your goals and are here to hopefully help you achieve some that you have in place. Buon Anno!

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