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Discover the Story of Michael Angelo’s

Ever wonder how Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Foods got started? Michael Angelo’s really began as an idea Michael Angelo had of selling frozen versions of his mother’s Italian recipes out of their cramped, family-owned pizzeria.

People would come to pick up their pizza, but then would also buy one of the pre-made meals that Sara would have in their carryout area. Michael Angelo got the idea one day to freeze the meals just the way that Sara had always frozen them for him and his brothers. This way people could enjoy meals that they would make if they had the time to make them.

Commitment to Quality

One big thing for Michael Angelo though was making sure that the meals that he served were just as good as the ones he grew up with. He literally wanted his “mother’s food to be on everybody’s table in this country.” One of the biggest challenges with that was getting his mother to start measuring her ingredients and coming up with formulas and recipes. However, once Michael Angelo had his mother’s recipes recorded he also insisted on cooking the same way that you would at home. So, at Michael Angelo’s, onion and garlic are sautéed together as they’re supposed to be rather than cooked separately. In short, all the ingredients are fresh, everything is cooked the same and we don’t add anything you wouldn’t add at home.

Learn more by watching our video below about The Story of Michael Angelo’s.

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