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Don’t even think about throwing away that leftover lasagna!

Imagine this scenario: you prepare way more Michael Angelo’s Lasagna than you or your family can possibly eat in one sitting. As delicious as it is, you may not want to be eating only lasagna for a week straight! What can you do with all of those leftovers? Don’t worry; we have some suggestions for turning that lasagna into an array of new and tantalizing snacks or meals!

For a savory and surprising breakfast: The morning after your delicious lasagna dinner, turn the leftovers into a savory breakfast scramble. Dice up a serving of lasagna, warm in a pan and add scrambled eggs, stirring consistently until the eggs are fully cooked. Experiment with the concept by adding in different meats or vegetables before adding the lasagna and eggs. Finish with fresh basil and a sprinkling of Pecorino Romano cheese as a final touch.

For the kids: Whether your children are really into dinosaurs or flowers, you can light up their imagination and use cookie cutters to cut leftover lasagna into cute shapes. Serve the lasagna as-is or throw the transformed noodles into chicken noodle soup for a meal every kid would love!


For the snacker: Have a deep fryer or a big pan at the ready? You can cut lasagna noodles into 2-inch strips and fry them to make crisp lasagna chips. Season them with salt and paprika and they’ll be perfect for your favorite dip! Check out an easy recipe on the Michael Angelo’s ‘Leftover Lasagna’ Pinterest Board.


For the soup lover: Nothing is better than a hot and cheesy soup when you want a fulfilling lunch or dinner. Cut your lasagna into bite size squares and combine in a large soup pot with tomato juice, your broth of choice, some fresh veggies and parmesan cheese for a quick and easy soup!

For these recipes and other leftover lasagna ideas, please visit the Michael Angelo’s “Leftover Lasagna” Pinterest board!

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