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Five Tips for the Perfect Dinner Party

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth dinner party, you can always learn something new. Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Meals is here to help with five tips for throwing a festive dinner party to please your crowd.

1. Make it themed

A good theme can make or break your dinner party, and a theme doesn’t have to be extreme to be fun. Here are a few theme ideas to use at your next dinner party:

  • Hollywood Red Carpet
  • Classic Cocktail Party
  • Mad Men Soiree
  • Murder Mystery Bash

Michael Angelo's - Five Tips for the Perfect Dinner Party - Enzo's Pizzeria

2. Send invites with all the details

This is a great opportunity to set the theme from the start. If your theme is formal, like a black tie event, mail out invitations well in advance. But if your theme is casual, like a dessert party, an email will do just fine. Include the date and time, along with an RSVP deadline, your address and suggestions for attire. This will help spread the word and will give you a headcount to prepare your food and drink. Keep in mind that some people will always forget to RSVP! It’s better to have too much than not enough.

3. Prepare for the worst

Some things can and probably will go wrong, especially if this is one of the first times you’ve thrown a dinner party. The decorations you ordered online may get lost in the mail, you may have a vegetarian guest and only have meat dishes or you might run out of ice within the first half hour. Many of these problems can be solved by planning your party well in advance. If you’re prepared with plenty of plan Bs (like a few extra Michael Angelo’s meals in the freezer), you won’t have a problem.

4. Have some icebreakers

Dinner parties should be more than just delicious food – they should be fun as well! By having icebreakers or some sort of game, it will take the pressure off your guests if they aren’t already good friends. Unless your goal is to keep your dinner party exclusive, it’s always more fun with more people. You can check out some fun icebreakers here or you can try to get your creative juices flowing for some original ideas.

5. Have fun!

Within all of the madness that comes with party planning, it’s easy to forget to enjoy yourself. If the host isn’t having a good time at a dinner party, the guests will know. Take the time to enjoy yourself. Do your dishes the night before so your dishwasher is empty, allowing you to throw in dirty dishes at the end of the night for almost no clean up the next day. When your guests are having a great time, you can think about how you made it all happen with a smile on your face.

We hope these tips will help you when you’re planning your next dinner party. Michael Angelo’s Family Size Meals are perfect for dinner parties – your guests won’t believe it’s not homemade! By using meals from Michael Angelo’s, you can focus on your specialty antipasti or your perfect theme-fitting costume. Party on with Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Meals!



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