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Keep the Romance Going Past Valentine’s Day!

Now with the busyness of Valentine’s Day behind you, we know you don’t want to think about cooking this week, so let us do it for you! Michael Angelo’s is an easy answer to the perfect night in. With these simple ideas you will be able to spend a relaxing, low-key night at home with that special someone (and of course our delicious Italian food) to keep the romance going a little longer.

Choose your favorite Michael Angelo’s meal: Our meals are known for their quality ingredients and fast cooking time, so any Michael Angelo’s meal you and your honey can agree on is an easy choice for a night in. If you are looking to spruce the meal up a bit, pair it with some sautéed vegetables, a salad and Italian bread, plus Italian chocolates or gelato for dessert.

signature_meatlasagna_d_11Grab some wine: As Italians, we love wine, and fortunately it goes great with a Michael Angelo’s dish. Grab a glass of your favorite variety to relax and savor the evening while enjoying dinner on us. Need ideas? Here is a full list of great Italian wines!

Set the scene: A romantic night is made perfect when the atmosphere is just right. This can be easily done with a couple of candles and the right music. Setting the table with your favorite linens and some flowers is a simple way to make any at-home dinner seem special.

More food … of course: Meals are never quite complete without a little taste of dessert at the end. Check out these 12 Deliciously Easy Italian Desserts for a few Italian dessert suggestions.

Pop in a romantic movie: Movies are always a great choice for a night at home. There are many different options but we love the classics: Casablanca, Roman Holiday, Under the Tuscan Sun … you get the idea.

Enjoy your evening, and viva amore!

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