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Happy Mother’s Day!

Michaelangelos Family

Mother’s Day is one of the most important holidays for our family, and we would not be serving the meals we serve today if it wasn’t for our mom Sara. From preparing multiple delicious from-scratch dinners every Sunday so we’d always have homemade meals to eat, to teaching us everything we know about cooking and enjoying good food, our mom – like most moms – is the heart and soul of the Michael Angelo’s family.


Now, how can you make mom feel EXTRA special for Mother’s Day? Gifts and flowers are nice, but a home cooked meal is a perfect way to express your appreciation. While one of our family-sized meals are baking in the oven, create a light appetizer such as Sara’s Caprese Stacker recipe – a sure way to make your mom feel like she’s at a five star restaurant. Chill a bottle of her favorite wine, and start the prep for an easy but decadent Tiramisu to serve for dessert. Once the entrée is finished cooking, pair it with a quick salad and . . . voila, dinner is served. If you need even more cooking tips to help you prepare, check out Sara’s Cooking Tips on YouTube; she can help you score a tomato, cut an onion without crying, cut garlic, sweat an eggplant and get to the heart of an artichoke! We can’t brag about this amazing woman enough.

We’d love to hear from you and why your mother deserves the best treatment on Mother’s Day (and every day). Post your Mother’s Day dinner on Instagram and tag #MichaelAngelos to share your story with us! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for behind-the-scenes looks, more of Sara’s tips and hacks and some of our favorite meals shared with family at @Micheal_Angelos.

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